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Hello from a new copyeditor

So, I'm writing my first blog, no clue how well it'll go. Maybe two people will read it, maybe more. I hope more will read this and hopefully choose to possibly contact me to edit their books. As my bio page states, I love to read. I have been reading since I was in the third grade when I won a spelling bee contest, my English teacher gave me the first book in the Boxcar Children series, and my love of reading was born. When I hit middle school, those books got replaced by Star Wars after I saw A New Hope on TV during Thanksgiving break. My reading tastes have evolved a bit as I have gotten older. I read news articles, textbooks for college, magazines, but my guilty pleasure is reading romance novels. The world can be a scary place, and the past couple of years have been even harder, so my escape is romance novels where there is drama, stress, angst, but they also have joy, humor, love, and the best part the happily-ever-after at the end.

I have read thousands of romance novels, and I have read some that were so good that I cried, while others weren't that great and I gave up occasionally on reading them. I have learned what I enjoy as I read each of those novels just as an author figures out what niche they want to write in. I realized I enjoy contemporary romance, science-fiction/fantasy romance, and paranormal romance, but I have read other genres in Romance fiction. I have so many samples and unread books on my kindle. Before I switched to kindle, I had a few hundred on my nook.

When the pandemic hit, I decided I wanted to work at a job that I was happy doing every day. That could fulfill me as a person, and one night while I was reading, I realized I wanted to try editing. I had thought about it over the years but wasn't sure I could ever do it, but I decided maybe it was time to take a chance and do it. So, I got my copyediting certificate and started up my business. It's been slow going as I learn everything and get my social media running, but I'm making progress.

So now that you know all of this about me, why does it matter to know all this? Well, I would say it gives you a chance to know who I am as a person before contacting me. If what you have read means you feel comfortable with me potentially editing your manuscript, please click the contact page link and reach out. It's your book baby, you spent countless hours researching all kinds of things, agonizing over dialog between your main characters, and maybe even spent even more time trying to figure out if a semicolon is necessary in a sentence or not. I want you to know that the love and care you have given to your book, I will give just as much love and care for your book as I edit. When it comes time for it to be published, I hope I can celebrate that day with you.

Marla – Lover of the written word

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