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Below you will see the services that I offer. I will work with you to make sure your manuscript is ready on time. If copyediting is requested, I will need to receive a sample chapter of your manuscript. I will edit 5-7 pages and return the edited chapter to you with my recommendation on the amount of editing needed and let you know how much this may cost. Please know that I follow the Editorial Freelancers Association rates for pricing in all my manuscript critiques, copyediting, and beta reading.  

Please click the contact button for the service you would like me to provide. If more than one service is requested, simply note that in the form. I offer packages and discounts if more than one service is requested.

Costs to manuscript critique, beta read and copyedit

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Beta Reading

Beta Reading is done before the copyediting process begins. I will be reading from a reader’s perspective and providing an unbiased opinion on the overall plot, character development, dialog, pacing, and any significant issues such as switching from 1st person to 3rd person. Please note: this is not proofreading or copyediting, so I will not be doing any markups on your manuscript.



Copyediting is done once you have a finished manuscript and it's gone through beta reading or manuscript critique but before formatting and proofreading. During this process, I check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues and continuity problems with the storyline. 

Please be aware that I use CMOS for a style guide when making copyediting decisions. If you prefer another style guide, please let me know when you contact me and we can discuss it. 

I use Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary when checking for spelling. 

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